Tatworth Primary School

"Love learning, work together, achieve and shine"

Welcome to our school!


Welcome to our School.

We hope you find everything you need on our website. Tatworth is a good school with great children and a dedicated hard working staff. We want our children to learn the importance of working and learning together as well as learning to get on with each other. You will see this in the classroom with small groups of children, typically three or four in a group, working harmoniously helping each other to do the work. We encourage our older children to take care of the younger children all our Year 6 children are prefects and they take it in turn to be ‘on duty’, helping the younger children at break-times.

We want the children to achieve well academically. When you go in the classroom you will see our children writing confidently and independently, children discussing books as a class, giving their opinions, backing this up with evidence and disagreeing with each other in socially acceptable ways. In maths you will see the children reasoning and problem solving and openly sharing their answers. We want the children to be confident of giving their ideas without ‘mistakes’ being pounced on.

We want everyone in our school community to be respectful and look out for each other.

Tracey Hart


Safeguarding is of paramount importance at Tatworth Primary School

If you have any concerns about a child please speak to one of the staff whose contact details are on our 'contact us' tab