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Welcome to our school!

Tatworth Primary School


Co-Headteachers/Leadership Team

Mr Stephen Clarke and Ms Tracey Hart joined the school, as Principal and Deputy Headteacher, in 2014. They have lead the school in achieving a 'good' Ofsted report.

They have a similar philosophy of education, wanting children to understand that they are part of a community and that they should work together in order to develop and achieve. They believe that respect is important, thus children are encouraged to respect each others similarities and differences.

Under their leadership the school offers a broad range of educational opportunities as well as aiming for high educational standards. Children are expected to work hard and understand the importance of trying in order to achieve their academic best. They want the children to have fun learning and to be insprired to want to know more.

Together, Mr Clarke and Ms Hart have responsibility for the running of the School and carrying out the policies set by the Board of Governors. Ms Hart is also the school SENCO and teaches maths to Years 5 and 6.

As a result of Mr Clarke's desire to retire, the Board of Governors conducted an interview process following which Tracey Hart has accepted the role of Headteacher. Stephen Clarke and Tracey Hart will be Co-headteachers for the Autumn Term 2017-18 and Tracey Hart will have sole responsibility from January 2018.


Mrs Rebecca Berrisford

Teacher of Year 3 (shared). Teacher of Literacy Year 4

Mrs Andrea Bolton

Leader of Foundation Stage.

Mr Matt Bullbeck

Sports Coach

Mrs Rachel Churchill

PE Co-ordinator

Mrs Louise Gabb

Teacher of Year 1 (shared)

Mr Jonathan Goodman

Computer Programming Support

Mrs Sarah Hewitson

Leader of Maths. Teacher of Year 4. Teacher of Maths Years 2 and 3

Miss Jessica Morton

Leader of Music. Teacher of Years 2 and 3 (shared). Teacher of Literacy Year 4

Mr Chris Pavey

Leader of Science. Teacher of Year 5

Mrs Rachel Reid

Teacher of Year 1 (shared)

Mrs Helen Retter

Teacher of Year 2 (shared)

Mrs Ann Webb

Leader of Modern Foreign Languages. Teacher of Year 6

Teaching Assistants

Our dedicated team of Teaching Assistants work with our teachers and under their supervision. They work with individual children and groups to support their learning. Higher level teaching assistants may also cover lessons.

Mrs Maria Anderson - Emotional and Social Support

Ms Mollie Board (Apprentice) - Reception Support

Mrs Jan Fowler - Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 Support

Mrs Petia Gummer - Supporting individual students in Year 1

Mrs Leanne Henley - Year 2 and Year 3 Support

Mrs Alison Martin - Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 Support

Mrs Cara Russell - SEN Administration

Mrs Jenny Woden - Year 1 Support

Mrs Amy Woodman - Reception Support


The school has a policy of using trained volunteers. The school works with the reading charity ‘Beanstalk’ who train volunteers to support children’s enjoyment of reading. The volunteers commit to coming into school for two sessions of 90 mins a week working with three children regularly through the year. This way we can target the support towards certain children. Consistency for these children is critical so we will only consider volunteers who can make this sort of regular commitment.


Whilst the children are eating and playing at lunchtime they are supervised by our team of Lunchtime Supervisors:

Mrs Shirley Baker

Mrs Kirsty Barge

Ms Mollie Board

Mrs Helen Duke

Mrs Cheryl Farley

Ms Siobhan Freer

Mrs Petia Gummer

Miss Tyne Lacey

Mrs Ann-Marie Sweet

Extended School

All children are welcome to arrive early and join the 'Breakfast Club' and/or stay until 5.30pm at 'Stay and Play'. (There is a small charge for these services). During these times they would be supervised by:

Mrs Maria Anderson

Mrs Sharon Symes

Miss Amy Woodman


The school office staff are responsible for administrative and financial processes in addition to reception duties. It can be a very busy place, so if it appears your telephone call is not being answered please be patient!

Mrs Linda Kellaway - School Administrator

Mrs Louise Layzell - Clerk to Board of Governors

Mrs Suzanne Whitby - School Accountant

Caretaking and Cleaning Staff

Mrs Kirsty Barge is our Caretaker, she also leads our team of cleaners: Mrs Helen Duke and Mrs Sue Rodford