Welcome to Tatworth Primary School! If you are thinking of joining our lovely school, call us on 01460 220565 for an informal chat, make an appointment to visit us, and see all our fabulous learning!

Governing our School

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors ensure that our school provides the best possible education aimed at developing the whole child. Their role is to: –

  • ensure clarity of vision, ethos, and strategic direction for the school
  • hold the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils.
  • oversee the financial performance of the school and make sure its money is well spent

To help achieve this each director also takes responsibility for monitoring a priority from the School Development Plan and is linked to a curriculum area to ensure that our children are offered a broad and progressive curriculum.

Individual directors also take responsibility for specific areas such as safeguarding, online security and health and safety.

The Board works as a team and are the nucleus of the school.  It is important that they make good judgements as they affect the children, staff, and the reputation of the school in the community.

Directors support and challenge the Headteacher by gathering information and opinions, asking questions, and discussing what is best for the school. They are not there to just rubber stamp decisions, they are a ‘critical friend’. They must be prepared to give and take advice and must be loyal to corporate decisions made by the governing board. Provided they act within the law they are protected from any financial liability for the decisions they take.


  • 7 Full Board Meetings per year with the dates agreed each June, usually taking place in the early evening, at a mix of online and in person meetings.
  • 2 additional meetings per term (at a mutually convenient time) for School Development Plan and Curriculum monitoring.
  • Occasional requests to form one-off panels e.g., for admissions etc.
  • The time to prepare for meetings (reading papers in advance etc.).

An ideal board of directors will include those with a wide range of skills and experience, including business acumen and life skills.  However enthusiasm is also important, therefore, full training is available.  We are fortunate that our recent annual skills audit has confirmed that we are well served at the moment, but additional IT skills would enhance us!


Similar to the way the Board of Directors hold the Headteacher to account, our Panel of Members hold the Board to account, receiving termly reports from the Chair of Directors, to monitor that the school is operating per statute and according to the Academies Handbook.

The Members meet three times per year, including the Annual General Meeting.  Dates are set in June each year.  It is envisaged that these meetings will remain virtual.

Are you interested in making a difference and attracted to being included in the strategic planning of our school? If so, joining our Board of Directors could be just for you.

We are seeking volunteers to join our Board of Directors and Members.

Our present directors have identified personal benefits of being a board member as: making a difference; available high-quality training; personal development; gaining education-sector experience; sharing professional expertise; and working with a lovely group of people!

You do not have to be a parent of a child at the school as there are various categories of director.

If you are community-minded, have energy, enthusiasm and a desire to direct the school’s future or would be interested in discussing this with one of us, please contact our Clerk by phoning the school on 01460 220565 or by e-mailing the school office.

The Roles and Responsibilities of a Director


Chair – Mrs Pam Macfarlane
Vice-Chair – Mrs Claire Rodway

Copies of minutes, agenda and papers may be obtained upon request from the Clerk.

Should you wish to make contact with the Board please do so via the Clerk.  She may be contacted by e-mail via the school office.