Our Senior Leadership Team comprises our Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher and SENDCO.

Tracey Hart, our Headteacher, joined the school in 2014 as Deputy Headteacher and SENDCO. In 2018, following a brief period when the headship was shared, she took full headteacher responsibility for the running of the School and carrying out the policies set by the Board of Directors.

Sarah Hewitson, our Deputy Headteacher, joined the school in September 2014, was appointed as Deputy in 2017, and is also leader of maths.

Ann Webb, is the final member of SLT, she joined the school in 2014, and became SENDCO in 2017.

Curriculum Leaders include:
Art: Mrs Whiffin
Computing: Mr Goodman
DT: Ms Hart
English: Mr Johnston, Mrs Webb and Mrs Whiffin
History and Geography:
Maths: Mrs Hewitson
Music: Mrs Brooker
PE: Mrs Churchill
PSHE: Mrs Hewitson
Science: Mrs Bayley

Key Stage 1 Lead: Mrs Whiffin

Acorn Class (Reception)
Class teachers: Mr Gareth Johnston

Oak Class (Year 1)
Class teachers: Mrs Teresa Hensman

Beech Class (Year 2)
Class teacher: Mrs Amy Brooker and Mrs Ann Webb

Willow Class (Year 3)
Class teacher: Mr Kieran Park

Hawthorn Class (Year 4)
Class teachers: Miss Hannah Brooks and Mrs Judy Stocker

Hazel Class (Year 5)
Class teachers: Mrs Lucy Whiffin

Yew Class (Year 6)
Class teachers: Mrs Amy Brooker and Mrs Sarah Hewitson

Computer programming support: Mr Jonathan Goodman
Maths: Mrs Sarah Hewitson
Music: Somerset Music
Sports: Mrs Rachel Churchill
Science: Mrs Marie Bayley

Our dedicated team of Teaching Assistants work with our class and specialist teachers. They work with individual children and groups to support their learning.

Mrs Marie Bayley
Mrs Lucy Chick
Mrs Lizzie Cox
Mrs Petia Gummer
Miss Charlotte Gregory (Apprentice)
Mrs Helen Mitcham
Mrs Cara Russell – SEND Administration
Miss Lorna Stephenson
Mr William Stephenson
Miss Amy Woodman

Mrs Louise Davis

Whilst the children are eating and playing at lunchtime they are supervised by our team of Lunchtime Supervisors:

Mrs Shirley Baker
Mrs Joanna Craig
Mrs Cheryl Farley
Mrs Petia Gummer
Mrs Vicki Horsfall

Miss Devon Helyar
Mrs Donna Cranston

Miss Hollie Stuckey

‘Breakfast Club’ and ‘Stay and Play’ are staffed by the following:

Mrs Maria Anderson
Mrs Lizzie Cox
Mrs Jo Craig
Mrs Lorna Stephenson
Mrs Sharon Symes

Mrs Linda Kellaway – School Administrator

Mrs Cara Russell – Sen/Office Support

Mrs Claire Parris – Business Manager
Mrs Suzanne Whitby – Finance Officer

Mr Fred Wood is our Caretaker.

Mrs Suzy Tucker and Miss Hollie Stuckey ensure that our school is clean.