Next pm assembly at 2:45pm is on Thursday 30th November - due to Fayre. School is closed for inset on Friday 1st December.

Busy Day at the Pond

Beech Class this week

Beech class discovered that the pond is currently teeming with life. As we walked over, we saw lots of splashing as many of the frogs dived down, but three of them sat on the surface so we could observe them closely. We weren’t sure whether they were frogs or toads as they were grey in colour, but we used Darcey’s reading book “Frog or Toad” to help us to decide that they are probably frogs as they are quite smooth and staying in the water, whereas toads are warty and prefer to stay mostly on land. The pond is full of frogspawn so we will be observing that to see how it changes over the next few weeks.