Next pm assembly at 2:45pm is on Thursday 30th November - due to Fayre. School is closed for inset on Friday 1st December.

Platinum School Games Award 2022/23

We are delighted to announce that we have achieved the School Games Platinum Mark Award for the 2022/23 academic year.

Schools who submit gold level applications 4 years in a row, are given an opportunity to additionally apply for the Platinum Award.

Please more about this amazing achievement in our press release here.

We also made it into the local paper.

Coronation Celebrations

Everyone at school had a fabulous Coronation Day to remember on Friday 5th May 2023.  The children made scones, presented themselves as the Union Jack and had a traditional picnic cream tea this afternoon.  We ended our day with parents and carers joining us for our afternoon celebration assembly; it was lovely to celebrate with such a full hall of parent/carers. Thank you to everyone for their efforts.  The children look fantastic today dressed in their red, white and blue.

Eco-warriors welcome Clinton Rogers

News of our eco-exploits have reached as far as Somerset County Council, and this week we were asked to be part of a promotional film to encourage other schools in the county to put environmental issues on their school’s agenda.  We welcomed Clinton Rogers into school with his camera and told him all about some of our plans and previous projects.

Well done to all the children who took part/and to Mrs Russell in the office who has worked tirelessly over the last few weeks to get the plants ready to welcome the bees, butterflies and other insects into our living wall area.

The plants for our Living Wall and Planter were purchased from Chard Garden Centre and Monkton Elm Garden Centre, Taunton.  We would like to thank them for supporting our school with our project.

Wellbeing Garden Glass Art and Platinum Jubilee Tree Planting

Today, there were two further exciting events.  The newly appointed School Council were given their first task: to plant the Platinum Jubilee specially commissioned Tulip Tree.

The Arts Ambassadors had a delivery of the glass tiles, created following the competition for the Wellbeing Garden.   Well done to our Art competition winners, your glass tiles are wonderful.

Busy Day at the Pond

Beech Class this week

Beech class discovered that the pond is currently teeming with life. As we walked over, we saw lots of splashing as many of the frogs dived down, but three of them sat on the surface so we could observe them closely. We weren’t sure whether they were frogs or toads as they were grey in colour, but we used Darcey’s reading book “Frog or Toad” to help us to decide that they are probably frogs as they are quite smooth and staying in the water, whereas toads are warty and prefer to stay mostly on land. The pond is full of frogspawn so we will be observing that to see how it changes over the next few weeks.

Triumphant Dodgeball Team

Well done to those who took part in the dodgeball tournament at Richard Huish College on 24 January 2022.  Our team came home with the bronze medals!

Jemima said: “We were a bit confused about the rules to start with but we soon understood.  Everyone showed good sportsmanship.”.


Children in Need 2021

We had fun dressing up to represent our career aspirations, or wearing spots, and raised nearly £200.

Even the staff!

Screen Printing Project

As part of our focus on art this year, we did a whole school screen-printing project with the illustrator, Mark Hearld and the themes of woodland or under the sea, as our inspirations.

The children have embellished their work, with additional stamping, printing, applique, sewing or weaving and all look fantastic.  Year 5 and 6 have created scenes under the sea, whilst the rest of the school chose a woodland creature to work with.  In addition to this, Year 3’s recent detailed drawing of fungi made its way to being the stimulus for their printing blocks.

The resulting banner is on display out the front of school and will remain there until Thursday, 22nd July.

Well done, everyone!