Children in Need 2021

We had fun dressing up to represent our career aspirations, or wearing spots, and raised nearly £200.

Even the staff!

Screen Printing Project

As part of our focus on art this year, we did a whole school screen-printing project with the illustrator, Mark Hearld and the themes of woodland or under the sea, as our inspirations.

The children have embellished their work, with additional stamping, printing, applique, sewing or weaving and all look fantastic.  Year 5 and 6 have created scenes under the sea, whilst the rest of the school chose a woodland creature to work with.  In addition to this, Year 3’s recent detailed drawing of fungi made its way to being the stimulus for their printing blocks.

The resulting banner is on display out the front of school and will remain there until Thursday, 22nd July.

Well done, everyone!




Sports Day

We’ve just survived sports day! The winners were:
Rec/KS1 Brewer (blue)
KS2 Langdon (green)

Thrive Award

We are very proud of Mrs Henley, who has completed her Thrive training.  The Thrive approach focusses on children’s mental health and wellbeing, with the knowledge, insights and resources needed to develop relationships that help children and young people flourish and learn.

Axe Valley Wildlife Park Visit

This week Year 2 were all very brave when they welcomed Axe Valley Wildlife Park.  Giant stick insects; a Chinese water dragon; bearded dragons; a giant millipede; a corn snake and a royal python were amongst the visitors!  The children very much enjoyed learning about how they survive and adapt to their habitat.

U9 Hockey Champions

Congratulations to the Year 3/4 ‘A’ team who took part in a Hockey Tournament at Holyrood on 26 November and returned overall winners.  Well done everyone!

Community Arts Day

Members of the community joined the children to be creative.  The focus was on the oak tree and local artists were available to help and inspire.