Emergency Closure

In the Event of Disruption to Transport

Any pupils who have hot school meals are asked to come to school with a packed lunch if the roads are snowy and it is likely that our provider kitchen may be closed.

In the Event of School Closure

Occasionally it is necessary for the school to remain closed in extremely bad weather conditions.  In the event of a closure before the start of the school day, a message will be posted on the front page of the school website and a tweet sent as soon as possible.  The website and Twitter will be updated as the situation changes.

If the school has to close during the school day, again the message will be posted on the website/twitter and every effort will be made to text/phone parents if we are able to use the phone line.  It is the policy of the Governors that the school will remain open if at all possible.  However, occasionally conditions are too bad for staff to travel safety into school necessitating a closure.  These occasions are very rare.

Letter to Parents January 2019