Warm Spaces each Friday 2.15 -3.15 pm - all welcome!

Key Staff

Headteacher: Ms Tracey Hart  (tracey.hart@tatworthschool.co.uk 01460 220565)
Deputy Headteacher: Mrs Sarah Hewitson (sarah.hewitson@tatworthschool.co.uk 01460 220565)
SENDCO: Mrs Ann Webb (ann.webb@tatworthschool.co.uk 01460 220565)

Designated Safeguarding Lead: Ms Tracey Hart (as above)
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads: Mrs Sarah Hewitson and Mrs Ann Webb (as above)
Designated Safeguarding Governor: Mrs Heather Byron (heather.byron@tatworthschool.co.uk)
Designated Teacher Children Looked After: Ms Tracey Hart
Prevent Lead: Ms Tracey Hart
Child Exploitation Lead: Ms Tracey Hart

Chair of Governors: Mrs P Macfarlane