Tatworth Primary School always acts in the best interests of the children and staff. We will continue to adhere to advice received from Government, Public Health England, Somerset County Council, and other relevant agencies. Our website will be updated as and when the situation should change.  Letters/information sent home may be accessed following the links below.

We have undertaken an extensive risk assessment which has been updated (February 2022) and may be accessed by clicking here.

Procedures have been agreed should anyone in school show signs that they may have COVID-19.  Please click here to access the procedures.

From 1 April 2022, schools have been advised to acknowledge that COVID-19 is one of a number of different respiratory illnesses and that we should review our practices accordingly, so that we move forward living safely with COVID-19 as we do with other illnesses.

Staff and children should not attend school if they are poorly.  A child who is unwell with a high temperature should stay at home until they are well enough to return.  The guidance for any child who has tested positive for COVID-19 is that they should not attend school for 3 days, but remain off longer if they continue to have a high temperature.

Guidance continues to ask schools to maintain good ventilation, use good hygiene practices including additional cleaning and to ask all children and adults to regularly wash hands or sanitise.  Advice remains that face coverings should be worn in a crowded places, but that they are not necessary during learning times in classrooms.

Letter to Parents/Carers (28/4/22) regarding collection of children at the end of the school day.

Letter to Parents/Carers (7/4/22) regarding UKHSA COVID guidance for schools

Letter to Parents/Carers (28/2/22) – COVID update
Reducing Household Transmissions

Letter to Parents/Carers (1/2/22)  – COVID update including recurring cases and good practice at home
Public Health Flow Chart

Letter to Parents/Carers (26/01/22) – COVID update including, amber status and testing requirements

Letter to Parents/Carers (25/01/22) – COVID update including, sickness possible symptom of Omicron

Letter to Parents/Carers – COVID update regarding isolation period and information on Test and Trace Support Payment.(14/01/22)

Letter to Parents/Carers – COVID update (07/01/22)

Letter to Parents/Carers – COVID update (05/01/22)

Letter to Parents/Carers – COVID update (14/12/21)
Flowchart Self-isolation
Letter to Parents/Carers re KS2 Carols (14/12/21)
KS2 Church Risk Assessment

Christmas Events Risk Assessment (30/11/21)
Letter to Parents/Carers (29/11/21)
School Christmas Events – Face Covering
School Christmas Events – Transmission Risk
Take a Lateral Flow Test – even if you don’t have symptoms.
Guidance Letter (12/11/21)
Guidance Letter (15/10/21)
Reception to Year 6 COVID-19 Testing (10/9/21)