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We actively manage attendance, strongly disapproving of parents taking their children on holiday in term time. Particularly as high attendance is reflected in achievement.

In 2020/21 our attendance rate was above 97%.

Any requests for holiday during term time will be forwarded for a fine if the child’s attendance is below 96% and it would result in the child missing ten or more consecutive sessions of school.

If at all possible, medical appointments should be made outside of school hours. If your child has to attend an appointment during school hours they should attend school for the majority of the day, only being absent for the duration of the appointment and travel time. They will need to be signed out at reception and sight of the appointment letter, preferably before the day, will be required.

Medicines can only be kept in school and administered if they are prescribed by a doctor.  All medicines must be brought to the school office and a form completed and kept with the medicine.

Children are not allowed to have medicines in their possession without the consent of the Headteacher. The medicines should be handed to and collected from the class teacher, at the beginning and end of school, or to a member of office staff.

Prescribed inhalers for asthma should be kept on the child or handed to the class teacher. They should be named.

Medical Form

Children who attain 98% attendance in a term with no late sessions, will receive a letter praising them for their achievement. Further acknowledgement goes to those children who achieve 100% attendance in the year. Each week acknowledgement is given to the class with the highest attendance.

Should your child’s attendance rate fall below 95% the school would be concerned, if it fell below 90% the Headteacher would wish to discuss the matter with you.

Should your child not be able to attend school for whatever reason please advise the school office by 8.50 am.


Please click the following link to see how important high attendance is for your child.
Link to CAFOS attendance document

Each morning all children should be dropped off, at any of the school gates, between 8.40 am and 8.50 am.  After 8.50 am all gates will be locked.

We would like to stress the importance of children arriving on time as children arriving late will disturb the start of the class lesson.  However, should your child be late they should report to the school office.

Please note that, for everyones safety, parents are not allowed on site without an appointment.

Please click here to download our Home School Agreement 2022/23.