From the 19 April all children should wear their school uniform, including robust school shoes, to school each day.  Children are expected to maintain a smart standard of dress and MUST arrive at school wearing their sweatshirt or cardigans. Details of our uniform may be seen below.

It is no longer necessary to wear PE kit to school on PE days.  Essential PE kit only should be brought to school on Mondays in a PE bag that should be taken home on Fridays.  Trainers no longer need to be worn to school as these should be kept in the PE bag ready for PE lessons.

Please contact the school office if you are having difficulty getting uniform items.

Please ensure that your child’s property is clearly marked with their name and class. This will ensure that should they accidentally leave it somewhere it may be returned to the rightful owner. Please note, that the school cannot be held responsible for the personal belongings of anyone on site.

We are asking parents to be mindful of bringing in as few items from home as possible.  If the weather forecast is cold/wet children should wear/bring a coat, but if the forecast is good please leave coats at home.

As part of the COVID-19 controls it will not be possible for children to bring anything from home into school except: a coat; a small bag (ideally drawstring) with reading books, homework and snack in a pot. Packed lunch and water bottle should be carried separately. Each child will be provided with all the equipment that they require – pencils, rulers etc. – which will not be shared.

What is allowed:

Black/grey trousers/shorts,
White shirt/blouse,
Bottle green jumper/cardigan/sweatshirt,
Grey pinafore/skirt,
Green and white gingham summer dress,
White, grey or black socks (girls may wear white socks),
Black school shoes. Shoes should be flat, robust, and safe, with enclosed toes. Flimsy shoes are not going to be strong enough for the daily HiiT/amount of time spent outdoors. The shoes should not have any decorative material on them.

The following items are available to purchase through the School Office:

Book bags

To order (via ParentPay/School Office) we also have:

Polo shirts
Green Sports ‘T’ shirts
PE Bags

Parents are asked to maintain standards by providing children with school clothing in the spirit of these guidelines. Please ensure all items are named

What is not allowed:

Jeans, cords, ski-pants, tracksuit trousers, trousers with large fashion zips, sports trainers, sports shorts, trainer socks.

PE bags may be purchased via ParentPay/School Office.

Black shorts, or skort
Plain white ‘T’ shirt, or green ‘T’ shirt with school logo, which may be ordered via ParentPay/School Office.
Waterproof trainers

From the Summer Term we may offer team sports where those sports governing bodies have developed their own guidance.  For the time being swimming will not be possible.  We will keep parents updated on this.  Once we are able to recommence these activities children will require:

A one-piece swimsuit for swimming lessons

KS2 hockey – children will need to have gum shields and shin pads and, if possible, a hockey stick and football boots.

When we are able to compete against other schools team kit will be provided if your child represents the school.

To control the spread of COVID-19 no jewellery (including studded earrings and watches) are allowed.

Hair should be natural colours during term time and long hair should be tied up whilst at school, as it can be dangerous during PE.

To avoid contact with others or their belongings, bags should be small (preferably drawstring) and easily cleanable.  Our school book bags are ideal.  Lunchboxes also need to be cleanable so plastic rather than soft, fabric bags are best.

Children should bring a water bottle that will remain with them at their desk all day.  Following Public Health England guidelines, bottles should contain water, not squash, or juice.  Please speak to your doctor to get a note if your child needs anything other than water.