Wellbeing Week 2019

During Wellbeing Week we all had the opportunity to learn how to look after ourselves as well as being able to experience different sports and activities.

Different sports included: lacrosse, table tennis, taekwondo, archery, volleyball, badminton, athletics, country dancing, Parkour, Rocktopus and an extended obstacle course too!  Year 3 went out of school on a Ready to Climb trip where many of the children climbed higher than they thought they could, so well done to them all.

A dentist told us how to look after our teeth; we practiced relaxation techniques; and visited the Health Bus.

Here are thoughts and quotes from some of the children:

Reception Class – “I loved going under the parachute.”

Year 1 – “The band got everyone up dancing and we all had to move around the school.  We learnt some new dance moves!”

“I found badminton hard at the beginning as I could not hit with the racket, but I improved by the end.”

Year 2 – “The sprinting was my favourite athletics activity and we had to jump for 5 minutes!”

Year 3 – “Lacrosse is a fun new sport that I am pleased I tried; it was a great experience.” 

Year 5 – The children said that they enjoyed soft archery because it could be made easier or harder by standing at different distances from the target and by using different bows.

Year 6 – “Taekwondo was hard and physically challenging but also good fun!”

Here is the week in pictures: