Wellbeing Week

During Wellbeing Week the children were introduced to new ideas, sports and activities to aid their wellbeing.  They were also reminded of the importance of friendships – how to be a good friend; cleanliness – such as hand washing, and how to stay safe in the sun.

They considered: their emotions – how to deal with them and techniques that could help; the importance of healthy eating and exercise; and the difference between dangers, hazards and risks.

Robyn, the guide dog, demonstrated how he helped his owner and other visitors advised on fire safety and First Aid.

The children had the opportunity to experience new sports of archery and laser shooting, in addition to swimming, frisbee, boxercise, boogie bounce, Tudor dancing, athletics and climbing.

The weather was absolutely amazing and everyone had a wonderful time.

Archery during Wellbeing Week 2018


“Boogie Bounce – The trampolines were very bouncy. It was great fun.”

“We put on some special belts that attached you to the wire to make sure you didn’t fall off. The first climbing wall I went on was a moon wall. We had so much fun”

Year 4 learnt how to do Tudor dancing. “We had to stand in a big circle and all hold hands! It was fun to all do a dance together.”

Healthy eating